Advice for Paladin Tanks: Keep Your Gear

Lagom – Paladin Tank

In the beginning, I realized quickly that a paladin tank has a bit more to think about over the warrior tank: Spell Damage!  All the stats and considerations for a Warrior Tank hold true for a Paladin Tank.  However, now throw in some intellect, mana regeneration, spell damage and spell hit with all that dodge, parry, block, stamina, armor, strength, hit rating, expertise and BOOM there you go.  As you can imagine it’s difficult to get it all where you want it to be right away.

Paladins primarily build threat with their spell damage abilities, but still need all the mitigation stats to avoid being crushable and critable.  Entry level gear (keep this stuff too!) is pretty much equal across the board for warrior, paladin and even death knights (droods are a whole other story….awesome btw).  It is when you grow out of the entry level stuff and start the end game pve content where you either stand out…or respec for healing :/ rofl rofl!

My one piece of advice: Keep every Tanking item you get!

My biggest mistake was that every time I thought I got an upgrade I trashed my old gear.  Then I would get another upgrade, but now that piece of gear I trashed worked well with my new piece of gear.  So now I had to go get that piece again or wait for another piece that worked.  Of course I didn’t realize this immediately.  It was late in my WoW career before it hit me.  So for you newer tanks or even veteran tanks who aren’t doing this… KEEP ALL YOUR GEAR!

The reason for this is you constantly have to play with your gear and your stats as you get new drops that are — or potentially are — upgrades.  Sometimes that new piece is great, but you can’t wear it cause it now drops your defense to 533 when it needs to be at 540 (I like to be at 541 to be safe).  Now if you mix that new piece in with an old piece that keeps your defense where you want it to be, all of a sudden you notice that old piece not only keeps your defense where you want it to be but also increases your spell damage.  Well that’s just fabulous!

Sometimes when you get a new piece of armor/weapon/ring/trinket/neck piece (whatever it is), an old piece you replaced before works better than a previously replaced new piece in a different spot.  An item that looks like a side-grade, could be a potential upgrade when combined with a previously “upgraded” item.

I could sit here and list out all the gear to get and where, but you can find that all over the internet (for example: wowiki, WoW — use the filters!)

The one piece of advice I want to give you today is KEEP EVERY TANKING ITEM YOU GET (until you have figured out your best setup for the type of paladin tank you would like to be)!   For Paladins I would even say keep all your gear…sometimes those “healing” pieces or “ret” pieces may work nicely in your tanking set if you have the appropriate stats somewhere else — and depending how you enchant or gem those items of course.
I think the one misconception out there in the tanking world is that one set of gear does it all.  It doesn’t!  You should have an arsenal of situational equipment, depending on the upcoming encounter.

One of the things I really like about Paladin tanks is everyone plays them differently.  Some have better methods than others but at the end of the day it’s a never ending learning process.  You get to a point where a player eventually develops a method that works for them.    Whether it is with one talent point, enchant(s), gem configuration or…

Trading out a piece of gear with one that has been sitting in your bank for months and that you thought you would never use again!

Chicka Chicka!


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