WoW Paladin Tank Add-ons

Lagom – Paladin Tank

It’s short and sweet, but here are the three add-ons I use for Tanking:

  • First my favorite is the best marking add-on ever! Quickmarks
  • Next everyone’s raiding favorite (I think), Omen
  • And finally Deadly Boss Mods, although honestly I haven’t been to happy with DBM since Wrath.

That’s all folks! Those are the only add-ons I use for tanking, and I still manage to do my job. Stats and gear I pretty much figure out on my own by using them and looking at the numbers while playing to see what I prefer — and because I Keep All My Gear!

Other Add-Ons that I use for the game (not tanking specific) that I like are:

  • WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)
  • Cartographer (New game map with extra features)

Chicka Chicka


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