Warrior Tanking Macros for Wow

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

Macros… gotta love ’em! They make the complex, uncomplicated. They turn the twisting and stretching of fingers into quick — sometimes rapid — keystabs. Macros make it possible to do amazing things while making it look easy.

First of all, if you don’t know anything about macros and programming, or it just looks too confusing to even try, go check out wowwiki’s primer on basic and advanced macro making. After that, start up your alternate reality portal — World of Warcraft — choose your favorite character, and dive in. Once loaded, type /macro to start the fun. You’ll want to hit “New,” type in a name for your macro, choose an icon, and hit “Okay”.

That’s all the basics I’m going to give you, well, except for this. If you want a certain icon, click the question mark icon before hitting “Okay,” and in the first line type, “#showtooltip? Spell Name“, where spell name is the name of the spell icon you want to see. It can be anything you like, this is just for looks. On to the rest of the show!

Before we begin, let me tell you my philosophy on macros: they are there to make my life easier and always keep spells in use. That’s it. That’s how I roll, chicka chika.

To start things off, here is the mandatory macro — in my oh so humble opinion — that ever tank NEEDS to have. It’s simple in form, but vital in application. That’s right, I’m talking about Target-Tab Auto-Attack!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tabbed to target someone and the “auto-attack” feature of WoW has my toon standing there limp and impotent with rage draining away. Enough! Enough I say! This handy little macro will target whoever is closest in the direction you’re facing, and put you in attack mode. If they are far away, nothing happens — except your tank looks ready to kill! If you are up close, or moving between targets, you target and attack. It’s that simple.

To make this macro work, you need to go into Keybindings and change an action bar slot — I use somewhere on the right-side — so that it activates when you press “Tab”. Then you just drop your new macro (you can use any icon you like, by the way) into the slot. That’s it! No more standing around like a dumbass.

ssSuper Duper Shield Slam
I first read about Concussion Blow not being on the Global Cooldown (GCD) from Yakra in his blog, Mirror Shield. Like most good macros, a spell that’s not on the GCD is golden for macro use. Not being on the GCD means it can be used at the same time as other spells, or one button-push, two actions.

(Forgot to mention, anything that activates the GCD stops the macro. It’s okay if you have two spells or actions that trip the GCD on one macro, it just means you have to hit the button twice.)

Anyway, my current Shield Slam button/macro is a doozy. I combine Concussion Blow, Shield Block, and Shield Slam in one hit. Which, when you throw Glyph of Blocking into the mix, makes for some huge damage and threat generation! Here’s the macro:
#showtooltip? Shield Slam
/cast Shield Block
/cast Concussion Blow
/cast Shield Slam

What happens — very quickly — is the Shield Block animation flows out while something hits the mobs head, and a resounding bash rings out. Glorious! Then I get to watch a 1500 damage float up followed by a 3500. Double Glorious! And if I crit… I can do close to 10k instantly with one press of a button. All this while keeping Shield Block always up!

Heroic Revenge
This macro is really only good if you have Glyph of Revenge.

(You do, don’t you, SHOuT Caller?)

GoR let’s your next Heroic Strike be free of rage after a successful Revenge strike. It’s a free hit, free damage, and free threat move! To capitalize on this, I use this macro:
#showtooltip? Revenge
/cast Heroic Strike
/cast Revenge

Casting Heroic Strike at the beginning lines up your next melee attack to be… well, heroic. Then Revenge hits the mob — tripping the GCD and ending the macro — followed quickly, and automatically, by a sweet, free Heroic Strike. Good times.

danceStance Dancing
There’s a storm on the horizon. It’s ugly, powerful, and smells of Cinnamon. That’s right, the rage penalties for switching stances will soon been greatly reduced. No more will we lose almost all of our rage and become whimpering sissies when we change our stances.

Nope, it will be just a loss of 20 rage, 5 if you’ve put points in the Tactical Mastery talent — and it just might make sense to do that now too. In any case, despite the loss of 10% decreased damage, extra threat generation, and 6% less spell damage — if you have the Improved Defensive Stance talent maxed — it could be good to have quick, temporary stance switches in advantageous or “oh shit” moments.

For example: Intercept FTW
What do you do when your Taunt, Intervene, Charge, and Challenging Shout are on cooldown, and a mob is heading right for your healer? Bend over and spread your cheeks invitingly? NO! You start stabbing this macro:
#showtooltip? Intercept
/cast [stance:3] Intercept
/cast [stance:3] Defensive Stance; Berserker Stance

What it does is put you in Berserker Stance, shoots you across the field to smack the errant mob and show him what for! And while you’re zooming, it puts you back into Defensive Stance before you even get there. This is also something you can do now, before the Rage Penalty Decrease (RPD).

Now I need help here. Sometimes it works with one button press, sometimes I have to hit it twice. And sometimes I have to hit it twice, then again when I get there to get back into Defensive Stance (you can do that, by the way).

Sometimes I have to do this on the other stance switching macros too. If anyone knows why this happens and/or how to prevent it, please, please let us know!

Multi-Mob Whirlwind
This macro will come in handy when the RPD goes into effect… it’s not so handy now. Unlike Intervene, right now you won’t have enough rage to switch stances, cast whirlwind, and switch back.

(Unless you have Tactical Mastery now, but why would you do that? Why, I ask you?!).

No, you switch stance to Berserker and wait a few seconds till you have enough rage. Of course you can add Bloodrage to the mix…
#showtooltip? Whirlwind
/cast bloodrage
/cast [stance:3] Whirlwind
/cast [stance:3] Defensive Stance; Berserker Stance

But that’s a lot of work for a dubious advantage. Better to wait until the RPD comes.

Removing the Errors
It can be annoying to create an awesome macro, but have to listen to your toon bitching because one thing or another is on cooldown. To stop the errors from happening, use this format:
#showtooltip? Spell Name
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
Macro Goes Here
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

Now your toon will do what he’s told — if he’s able — but without all the whining and complaining.

Oh, and if you want to use your Tanking trinkets in “oh shit” moments, just make this macro:
/use 13
/use 14

And use whatever icon in there that makes you happy. Enjoy!

I know there’s a multitude of combinations of macros out there, some good, some bad. Regardless, I want to see ’em! Post your favorite Tanking warriors — or your future post-RPD macros — for all of us to see.


11 Responses to Warrior Tanking Macros for Wow

  1. Bishbosh says:

    Let me start by saying good work. I like thye way you have put the /cast heroic strike first in the revenge macro. I like many others have experienced the heroic strike being queued up and sometimes cancelled.

    Whilst finding this post I found a nice little macro posted by Tinytanker – Emerald Dream so all thanks to him/her.

    /castsequence reset=300 Challenging Shout, Last Stand, Commanding Shout, Trinket_1, Trinket_2, Shield Wall, Enraged Regeneration

    “Short explanation: Ok, so we just pulled another group and aggro is everywhere… First Challenging Shout bringing all aggro back to you… second your going to need a bit more HP on that moment where 8 elites are hitting down hard on you which is where Second Last Stand comes in (usually gives me about 4,000hp +)… next is just for a bit more HP as you will be taking a lot of damage and your CS has most likely faded (you can take it out if your confident that you CS every 2 minutes exactly), Shield Wall to decrease damage taken by those 8-10 elites and then the switching of stance from Battle to Defensive in order to use Retaliation… this will build up a bit more aggro on all mobs and is useful because shield wall doesn’t share the cooldown with Retaliation. ”

    Quote was taken http://www.wowwiki.com/Useful_macros_for_warriors#Panic_Button_-_Made.2FProvided_by_Tinytanker_-_Emerald_Dream

    Tried it in a deliberate overpull and hoped it would work. Guess what it did. It is a very useful ‘oh sh*t’ button. The only thing that upsets me is that any tank could use it, new or old to the game, took me a while to figure out this combo without even looking for a macro.

    Hope you find this usefull, again many thanks for your original post.



  2. GameOver says:

    I use a macro that includes

    /cast Thunderclap
    /cast Cleave

    when I have to tank more than 3 adds at the same time, believe it or not there are some other players that will never listen to you and always going to hit the add they want instead of assisting you, and some other cases, when you are tanking 4+ adds it is like a sign for other players and AOE everything! like there were no other tomorrow, thunderclap and cleave will grant aggro from all adds preventing one of them to run and kill one of the noobs you got for your party, those skills consume a lot of rage thats why I only use it when there are 3+ adds, that can hit me more and more and that means more rage for the macro

  3. Garth says:

    There any way to redo that Super Duper Shield Slam macro so you can still use SS when the other 2 abilities are on CD? Also this one doesnt appear to show the CD for SS at all which is a bit annoying.

  4. Yeoldpops says:

    I am having problems just writing basic macros to get my Aggro. I get kicked off the dungens all the time. I have a level 68 warrior. I duel sets of talents. Heavy armor and weapons

    Any advice or scripts to get me off the ground would be helpful.


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