Titansteel Guardian Good for Paladin Tanks or Not?

Lagom – Paladin Tank

They say that Paladin Tanks don’t need a lot of spellpower. Historically, our main source came from our tanking weapons. Since WOTLK, it now comes not from our main weapon, but from the talent Touched by the Light. We Paladins have a question to answer…

titansteel-guardianI have used the Titansteel Guardian item for tanking in some situations and I have to say…..I’m a threat machine with this bad boy. If I can endure the loss of stats from not using Red Sword of Courage, why not? Right? Situational usage?

red-swordI don’t know for sure, but being a paladin tank after the expansion seems like we have almost forgotten that our main threat generator is still spell damage. And this weapon really bumps my spell damage up. I heard somewhere they might be nerfing this item, but by how much?

Anybody have any thoughts regarding these Paladin Tanking weapons or others?

We Paladins have a question to answer.


4 Responses to Titansteel Guardian Good for Paladin Tanks or Not?

  1. I pondered this question myself, and because I use Seal of Corruption (Vengeance) as my main tanking seal I looked under at that spell. The formula is .15 AP + 0.088 SP. Effectively 2/3rd AP 1/3 spell power. My biggest damage output is Hammer of the Righteous, based on 4x Melee weapon damage and Shield of Righteousness based on block value. Therefore the greatest contribution to damage output, and threat is attack power and strength. I am saving making the Titansteel Guardian for when I’m building a healer set.

    I never looked at tanking with Seal of Blood (Martyr), and consectration perhaps they would be boosted by SP. But stacking Strength seems to be the optimal path for ungodly threat generation!!

  2. Lagom says:

    Thank you for your informative post… based on the new threat generation for paladins (attack power & strength) it raises another question about the Touched By The Light talent? Keep it, or are these points better placed somewhere else? I would think this talent is a must seeing that it is now a paladin tanks only source of spell damage.

  3. After more digging Seal of Blood/Vengeance is also driven by melee weapon damage. Spell damage gear is secondary to Pala tanks now, and I would only use them off spec or perhaps for PVP. Touched by the Light is a must for this pala tank, because I don’t intend to be wearing anything other than tanking gear, and my enchants are focused on strength/stamina. Bear in mind Seal of Corruption/Vengeance (my primary tanking seal) benefits 1/3 from spellpower as well.

  4. Pandim says:

    I still use the Titansteel guardian

    We got triggerhappy people that start to damage as soon as I pull the mobs and they try to outdamage me.
    It generates nice threat and even when they aoe they can’t get the mob off me.
    Some wonder why I use the spelldamage weapon but it works nicely with consecration which is now also my top damager in recount and people wonder why they have a difficult time to reach a spot above the tank.
    If I equip the tanking sword people start to complain that they pull aggro from me.
    So for me simply put, the mace works best in aoe tanking cause I rolled a palladin for lazy tanking without going after all the mobs that triggerhappy people try to get off me.
    Also, much better geared people never ever get aggro away from me and it is ridiculous how much I am above them threatwise.
    If I forget consecration then it is a different story.

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