Death Knight Normalization Does not Balance Make – Part 1

Surazc – Death Knight Tank

A Basic Rundown of RPGs as Income
Yes, it is required.

A long time ago, in the pre-history of gaming, there was no such thing as graphics. You had imagination, paper, dice, and a lot of coca-cola. These were your tools to create a game world, and experience it as only your group could.

Literally, you could do anything. Create and ignore rules at your whims, alter universes because it just made more sense that way, invent new places because they should exist.

These changes were all “In house” because they were your version of the game. You could say the game I’m talking about is D&D, but I’m referring to any RPG that was played among a small group of players.

As time moved forward, players and their house rules were sent to the publishing company of these games.  Some adaptations were made cannon and absorbed into the game world and the “core rules.” New games come out, and the process repeated itself. The end-goal of any RPG was to create a series of agreed-upon rules in which all players could participate in the generation of a universe.  This is still true to this day.

The end goal of any business that prints and distributes RPG materials is to keep their players happy and playing. Happy players are players who buy your product, and those players are what keeps your business running.

A corollary to the above facts is that any game on the market must be fun to make money, and any service provider related to that game must keep their players happy or the game will stop making money.

For a game to be successful, the players of that game must be happy or they will not pay for the game.  Ergo, game companies must keep their players happy to keep making money.


Up next in Part 2: Evolution of Rules in RPGs.


17 Responses to Death Knight Normalization Does not Balance Make – Part 1

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  3. Krohnos says:

    Again, nothing. What exactly you trying to say whit these articles? Hell yes, they are making it for money! Welcome to 2009. You are talking about this like you just figured out the biggest conspiracy in the world.

  4. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that man from that forum who told me to visit your blog 🙂

  5. Surazc says:

    Cool story bro! Too bad you’re just a bot made for RSS optimization. I don’t know why TGAPGeorge approved your comment.

  6. TGAPGeorge says:

    That’s cool, but nope, not me. The Editor didn’t have me doing web scrub-work this week.

    Besides, it’s the nicest bot I’ve ever come across. But why wouldn’t he buy a beer for you, not the dude who told him — not him I guess: it — about you.

    What if it’s a bot that can drink beer!!! We are getting closer to John Conner’s movie.

    I’d like some beer…

  7. Surazc says:

    The prospect of a robot buying me beer is not something I wish to ponder on for too long. What if it’s a scheme to take me out of the picture? I could see Kim Jong Ill making a ploy for his freedom with robots…

    … or a failed missile.

  8. I recently stopped by here and got to take some time to say thanks for the good skating tips!

  9. I loved this one, woody was so god in it

  10. I am happily living in Germany, but my parents – esp. my mother – have british ancestors. Thus I consider myself to be German with a little bit Anglo-American impact. This interesting thoughts about the German people seem to be extremely negative to me; I’d think, American people could learn very much from how german politics is handling its problems in the moment.

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