A Quick Rant on PvP in WoW

Surazc – Death Knight Tank

A long time ago a video was made and posted on youtube that was just over 30 seconds long. It made a simplistic depiction of WoW PvP combat using the analogy of Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you haven’t seen it, you should… right now. Go watch.

Or watch it here:

The reference I make here is to the traditional mechanic of balancing something in a game. The reason that PvP is currently (in this author’s opinion) unenjoyable is that Rogues are capable of beating every class in the game without much effort at all (except for possibly other rogues or mages). I’ve heard people attempt to argue this point with me by saying, “Trinket out of the kidney shot and you’ll be fine.”

The truth is that you WON’T be fine because a smart rogue will just blind you and resume his rotation. You die and you didn’t once get to play your character.

I would like to make it clear that Blizzard has fucked up pretty bad with the DK changes for this patch. Not because there are a lot of class nerfs, or changes to skills that cause us to lose damage, or little things changing like the duration on diseases… no. Blizzard fucked up this patch because they forgot that Death Knights are a hero class.

In an earlier post I made a reference to Star Wars Galaxies and how Jedi were what a hero class is supposed to be: difficult to obtain and beyond the scope of balance. Death Knights are NOT that class. We have been homogenized down to work exactly the same as every other melee DPS class. We have had defining talents removed from our trees. We have been changed to such an extent that now there is no such thing as an Unholy DK tank (unless he has > 59% avoidance unbuffed) any more, and Blood is almost to the same state (a 30 second Last Stand w/ bonus healing on a 1 minute CD is too good to invalidate blood as a tanking spec).

If Blizzard doesn’t get their act straight in the next 4 months, I quit. I’m making that publically known right now. I will most likely change all my account info and sell, or give away, my account. This is utterly ridiculous.

-Surazc Out


10 Responses to A Quick Rant on PvP in WoW

  1. Darraxus says:

    They are a Hero class in name only. Anyone with a level 55 character can roll one. They are not unique like Jedi once were. DKs are OP right now and due for some big nerfs. So goes the game.

  2. Justin says:


    I’m aware of this sad fact. I just feel like Blizzard lied to us by calling the class “heroic.” If they remove the misnomer I’d be less upset about the changes, but so long as they call the class a hero class, I would expect it to be treated as such.

  3. Why are you expecting Blizzard to conform to your definition of what a hero class should be? For Blizz, a hero class is a class that lets you skip 55 levels worth of grind, nothing more. They aren’t supposed to bestride the game like a colossus. They’re supposed to be the quick route for a reroll. To completely abandon any attempt at balance due to semantics and word play would be a foolish move on Blizz’s part.

  4. Surazc says:


    I guess so… but then why call the DK a hero?

    A purely semantic argument, but still an argument: What is a hero? Is a hero not someone who is outside the realm of the traditional, a person or thing which acts outside of the conventional and pre-established boundaries?

    If indeed the DK was simply a quick route for the re-roll then why call it a hero class and not just call it a restricted class? I would be much more content knowing that Blizzard is treating the class as it is named (by their own hand) rather than using the name as a dupe to rope in the players of ages past (Why do you think they chose level 55 as the requirement? Pre-BC anyone?).

  5. Darraxus says:

    I dont see how they did any duping. They never said that the DK was going to be an amazing OP uber better than everyone else class. The fact that anyone can be a DK makes in un-heroic immediately. The fact that they let it go on this long is ridiculous in itself. DKs were long due for a hard nerf.

  6. Surazc says:

    I’m not saying that DK’s aren’t over-due for a nerf. We need one… badly.

    What I am saying is that if a DK is “un-heroic” then the class shouldn’t be called a “hero” class. Call it “developed” call it “lazy,” “special,” “restricted;” but don’t call it, “hero.”

    If anyone can make a DK, then right out of the gate, it isn’t a hero class. Just as in real life we all have the capacity to be a hero (for an individual or group, that is for the hero to decide) but that doesn’t mean we all get branded as one. Just as every player in WoW with a character over level 55 (Recrit a friend anyone?) can create a “Hero” class, they can also create a “Hero” toon.

    Remember, every class in the game is supposed to be a hero to its representitive faction. So what makes a Death Knight any more heroic than the warrior in plate next to him? Sure the Death Knight may have command over the energies of the undead and some of his former companions in death… but the warrior has complete mastery of the shield and defensive arts that Death Knights just never learned.

    Each of them, in their own respect, is a hero.

    Behold, I win my bet with George (the resident warrior tank) in that I wagered responses to this part of a large post (which is not all the way up quite yet) would be met only with the attitude that “DKs are OP in PvP because of XYZ” and totally miss the point of THIS argument:

    “We have been homogenized down to work exactly the same as every other melee DPS class. We have had defining talents removed from our trees.”

    A warrior should never work like a rogue who in turn should never work like a shaman who in turn should never work like a paladin who in turn should never act like a Death Knight.

    Guess what? We do. Our diseases are a Paladin’s Judgements (albeit we have a much more restricted choice) and our Runic Power is basically Rage (we even have a talent that turns it INTO rage). The ability to remove HoT effects was removed to balance FREYA… NOT PVP; however, the implications it has for PvP is severe! Why not just make Freya’s HoT spells unaffected by the DK Blood Plague? Why go about it IN THE CHOSEN FASHION and not the other?

    If you’re going to continue posting responses to this post then please keep them aimed AT THE POST’S IDEA and away from semantics. Before anyone tries to call me on a semantics argument BEING the post I would like to point out that the main idea is being homogenized and NOT being nerfed.

  7. Dafriz says:

    I’m sorry are you saying you are upset because death knights are being nerfed when they are considered a hero class and shouldn’t be nerfed?

    Because based on your above statements that is all I’m getting at.

    If you are angry because death knights are still called a heroic class and your going to quit because of word play then just quit.

    All this post seems like is a very big Smokescreen to show that your upset because you are being nerfed based off your quote “The ability to remove HoT effects was removed to balance FREYA… NOT PVP; however, the implications it has for PvP is Severe!”

    Quote “If you’re going to continue posting responses to this post please keep them aimed AT THE POST’S IDEA and away from semantics”

    “The main idea is being homozenized and not being nerfed”…

    u still have death grip, u still can resurrect fallen allies, u can spread diseases/plagues alot of stuff other classes dont have… so for the time being your not being homogenized your being more balanced because currently your unbalanced and u think u should stay unbalanced because death knights are still considered a hero class.

    And apparently you are not going to be satisfied unless blizzard specifically states death knights are no longer considered a hero class they are just a special class…. Personally your entire post makes it sound like your a kid throwing a tantrum because you thought since it is called a hero class that it would not be nerfed >>…..

  8. Surazc says:

    Firstly I’m no child and I certainly don’t appreciate being called such. I don’t throw tantrums and I hate it when people over simplify things to a level which makes sense to them.

    Allow me to demonstrate:

    “Death Knights are a hero class, so the fact that they can bring other people to them makes them a hero class.”

    For some people, this train of logic is not only okay, but encouraged. Death Grip is a defining skill for DKs, while true, it is not what makes them a hero class. Why?

    The skill has everything to do with distance manipulation. Warlocks can magic circle, mages can blink, warriors charge, hunters disengage, rogues sprint (w/ stealth or vanish), shamans earthbind (or thunderstorm)… the list goes on. The fact that I’m bringing you to me does not make a DK a hero class.

    I can raise fallen allies… as a ghoul. Druids battle rez their fallen allies… as themselves. No heroic aspect there.

    Warlocks have diseases… they don’t melee or wear plate, DK’s don’t have a stun or a fear ergo we were given area DoTs to make up for it? I’m not buying it. Not heroic.

    I’m not saying that we should be imbalanced because we’re a hero class. That would be a classic SWG mistake as everyone would then switch to the most powerful class. IMO, Paladins are the Hero class of the game ATM. I’m just complaining about how we have been branded (falsely) as a hero class when in fact we are nothing of the sort.

    I look forward to the changes in 3.1 because DKs will no longer be FotM and only the hardcore devotees to the class will remain.

    Just don’t call me a hero.

  9. […] or a class issue, it is a semantic argument on the word “Champion.” For all those who read my rant on PvP and wanted to argue the semantics of what “Hero” means, I will cut this debate off at the head […]

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