ITW Efforts Update

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

I didn’t think it could happen, not to us anyway. I’ve seen even the best bloggers laid low for periods of time by RL, their RSS feeders sitting blank and impotent. Well, damn it if it didn’t happen to us.

Both Lagom and I, in a simultaneous yet coincidental way, moved. He is still working out East or West coast, while I only moved twenty miles into Fort Worth, Texas proper. However, I moved not just myself, but also my sister — in a similar short move — AND my uncle. But my uncle decided to go from Texas to Washington D.C. And guess who drove the truck? I did it in 30 hours all by myself. I was shooting for 24, but… plans change. I did manage to twitter the entire way so if you’re interested, you can follow my journey.

And Surazc? Well, the less said about that mystery shrouded in a fiery — yet black as midnight — enigma the better. All I could do was assume that when he said he was busy, it meant that plans for world domination were at a crucial juncture, demon-imp minions were wailing, and we’d all be subject to a new “Kid n’ Play” movie sometime this summer. Though he did say he would have more of his fine blog entries later this week.

We’re also working on getting our own I’m Tanking What?! website up and running. We’ve run into difficulties, but we shall overcome. And hopefully soon at that.

It’s been a great year here at ITW and it looks like it’s going to get better.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful, intelligent, insightful people. More to come soon.


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