No One Said Being Good Is Easy – Part 2

Surazc – Death Knight Tank

Let’s see. Where was I?

Oh yes.

I Am Better than You

The dilemma of being better than most of your server

Do You Ever…

Join a PuG Heroic and…

Find yourself in the middle of ineptitude? I do. Frequently I will walk into a group as the tank and inspect my healer and find that they are wearing 3/5 Valorous with some heroic badge gear and almost always will have their 4 pc. bonus because of the 2 Hero’s pieces they are wearing to complete their Tier set. I look at their healing numbers after I die… 980 HPS max. How is this possible?

On one occassion I asked my shaman healer Marrianna why I was getting <1000 HPS.  She told me that she didn’t use keybindings. I wanted to kill myself IRL. On another raid, the priest said he would rather “Play with my cat, she is more interesting than the damage you are taking.”

At first I wanted to attribute this to the fact that I am an awesome tank, probably one of the best DK tanks on the server in skill alone (I solo’d the second boss of Heroic Occulus when my PuG group died to lightning) and I take damage pretty sparingly. When I do take it, I’ll either Death Strike some of it back expecting a heal to come or scramble for a healing potion, trinket, or Dark Pact.  However, the more I ran with PuG healers the more I discovered that the average healer on my server simply doesn’t understand the concept of a good tank.

Think, “I could do better than that!” I do. It doesn’t matter what aspect of the game we’re talking about. DPS, Healing, Tanking, or CC. I run across at most 10 players a day who know their class better than I do and I would feel confident letting them do their job without interference from me. The sad part is that most of them are in my guild, Damage Networks, or Templar Knights (all considered to be the “elite” of the server). I find this to be no great coincidence.

Join a 10 man raid and…

Die more than usual? While this doesn’t happen to me on my Death Knight (being my main, I’m not allowed to be saved to PuG Raids) it does happen to me about 60% of the time playing any other level 80 character (not all my own, some are my friends’ characters). Why is this? It seems that no matter what I do or what role I play, this 60% more than usual death figure doesn’t change.

I did a little math to search for the answer. As a healer I try to keep everyone alive but put priority on the tank. When 70% of the raid doesn’t move out of “fire” and either die or take massive damage, it makes it very hard to keep them alive AND keep the tank up. This problem is further exacerbated when the TANK stands in “fire.”

Usually I will run out of mana, can’t heal, and everyone dies. When I’m DPS, everyone else dies to fire because our healers suck. As a Tank, the same is true as my DPS example.

Find people with the achievement, but don’t know the fights? Seems to be the norm actually… It’s possible to engage the boss, die in the first two seconds, have the other 24 people kill the boss, and STILL get the achievement.

Want to slaughter the innocent? No… damn, thought that maybe I’d have a little bit of a connection with my audience there.

Ready for Part 3?  Surazc reveals, “The biggest problem that exists with WoW,” while he attempts to find his misplaced flamethrower.

Part 1


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