No One Said Being Good Is Easy – Part 4

Surazc – Death Knight Tank

How should I begin today? How about:

I Am Better than You

The dilemma of being better than most of your server

True Champions

You know, people like me

This whole blog post is NOT about me waving my gigantic, floppy E-Dick in your face and screaming profanities. As much as it might seem that way, I promise you it isn’t. I’m trying to get across my frustration at the reduction in difficulty to game elements and how it has stupefied the player base of the game.

I am what you would classify as a “hardcore” gamer. I play around 5 different MMOs at any given time and dominate my class in whatever sphere of game play or role I have chosen to master. I have more time than you do to devote to games and I’m not ashamed of my lifestyle. Some call it tragic, I call it awesome.

The mentality I have here though is not the “hardcore elitist fuckwit” attitude; but rather the, “How did we get here?” attitude. Forgive what will seem like a racist statement: If MLK were to rise from his grave and take a look at the black culture of today he would smack the shit out of all the rappers and hip-hop artists running around promoting a cultural image of avarice and greed. I am to WoW what MLK would be to the black community: A wake up call.

Look backwards people. Look at the way things used to be. Do you remember back when UBRS was HARD? Blizzard made tactical use of sight blocking and knockbacks, they made casters intelligent with their roots and fears, they made the game genuinely challenging and fun. Remember when MC had its debut? I do. I remember wiping in MC for hours on end against Domo and then finally rallying together the raid to go see big daddy Ragnaros for the first time. I remember the joys and shouts of elation when we finally killed big papa Rag’.

Why were we so happy when we finally killed him, did it have to do with the fact that we got loot? No. Did it have to do with the idea that we just killed the hardest boss in the game at the time? Nope.

What about the idea that forty people all came together and worked up a plan that was executed with flawless precision to achieve a common goal? Yeah, that sounds like it.

Then we had Onyxia, Razorgore the Guild Annihilator and Vaelestraz the GQuit Machine. I remember walking into BWL for the first time after its release once we had all been attuned to the instance and dying for DAYS straight until finally we figured out how to coordinate and get the boss fights done. Don’t even think of forgetting Nefarion’s fight and how epic that landing sequence is. It’s like being right in the middle of the greatest action movie ever made.

Killing those bosses back then MEANT something. What does it mean that you’ve killed every boss in Wrath? That you can find a PuG sponsored by one of the better guilds on the server? Grats, you got lucky… take your achievement and GTFO.

If the villagers with pitchforks and torches haven’t broken through the portcullis of Surazc’s secret lair, we’ll have Part 5: “People like us, and assholes.”

Part 3


3 Responses to No One Said Being Good Is Easy – Part 4

  1. Alex says:

    I’ve played this game since release and over my 4 years the only thing I have learned is hobbies should be fun. As much as I appreciate your opinion, and dont get me wrong I remember what it was like to see someone in 2/9 tier 3 and offer up my first born just for a chance to bask in their greatness for a moment longer, I think what Blizzard did with this game in WotLK is great. It gives everybody a access to those feelings you felt when Neferion died.

    If you hate PUGs dont PUG, but to completely dismiss a portion of the population because you feel like they have it too easy makes you an elitist douchewad not a champion. The community doesnt need a wake up call, that will come with Ulduar.

    Also, that shaman who can barely pull 900 hps in full naxx25 purps might be a Fortune 500 CEO with more RL achievements then he/she knows what to do with trying to play a GAME to reconnect with his kids. Would you appreciate that guy dismissing your RL achievements just because 10 years ago your blog would not have existed and getting your opinions out into the world for consumption now is “lawl wtf ez mode.”

  2. Surazc says:


    I have stopped running with PUG groups since the completion of the article and I find myself really not doing much in the game (hence why I play more than 1 MMO at a time) with other people.

    It’s not an elitist attitude that has me by myself out-side of raid days but rather a frustration at progressively worse failures brought on by players who aren’t “in touch” with the game.

    If the Shaman was a Fortune 500 CEO trying to get in touch with his kids then he wouldn’t have been running a PUG group with total strangers, he would have been playing with his kids. I know I’m harping on the individual example but I’m using it as a case to strengthen the argument that the game is now casual friendly… and people are still bad at it.

    Don’t get me wrong, bringing the content down to a manageable level for ALL PLAYERS is a wonderful thing from the stance of game-design and altruistic philosophy (do the most good for most of the players) but from a long-term perspective it is crippling the majority of the player base’s skill.

    “…but to completely dismiss a portion of the population because you feel like they have it too easy makes you an elitist douchewad…”

    I’m not dismissing them because they have it too easy, I am dismissing them because they have it easy, fail, and do not put forth the effort into improving their own gameplay. About 80-90% of the PuGs I ran in had the number obsessed DPS guy who wondered why he died when he pulled agro with his massive single target damage.

    He tried blaming me (the tank), for not taunting and saving him. He blamed the healer the not giving him a shield and a heal. He blamed everyone except himself for not doing what everyone else was doing (which was AoE). Looking into his spec, he had no agro reducing talents and refused to use invisibility (or blink) on the run to save his life.

    The specific example applies to the general case and it is for THAT reason that I dismiss a portion of the population. I urge you to read the next section of this series as it will, I hope, change your mind about the “elitist douche wad” view you may have of me.

    As for my RL achievements: I graduated high school while dealing with childhood abuse for 18 years and no one ever knew a damn thing.

    I beat the CEO. GG

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