Druid Tank – Guest Post Contest!

Looking to Fill Druid Tank Position!

The Editor

The Editor

When we first began this precocious blog I had three bloggers: a Warrior Tank, a Paladin Tank, and a Druid Tank.

TGAPGeorge worked out okay, Lagom is good–but needs to get the lead out–and our Druid Tank did nothing.  Eventually I obliterated him from the site.

So to fill the vacant position, I’m organizing a Battle-Royale of Druid Tank bloggery where the last Tank standing will be lauded with praise, love slaves, mountains of loot, a pat on the back from me, and a permanent spot as the Druid Tank here at I’m Tanking What?!

We didn’t have to do this with the Death Knight Tank spot.  After a few months of quality blogging from the Warrior and the Paladin, a Death Knight wrote me.  He was verbose, but scintillating, and surgical in his analysis of Death Knights and tanking.  So I brought him into the fold and such was Surazc – Death Knight Tank born.

I must admit, I was hoping for some plucky Druid Tank blogger to come supplicating with gifts and flattery so that I might complete my Tank collection, but none did.

(Incidentally, Surazc came not with gifts and flattery, but with ultra-violence, a screeching Geiger-counter, and pictures of my pet wombat bound and gagged in some dark basement.  How could anyone not love this guy?!)

Since no Druids stepped up to volunteer, we’ll have to do it the hard way. Here’s to verbal blood and gore!

The Contest

Therefore, I am announcing a Druid Tank guest post contest.

All Druid Tanks interested in becoming the Fourth Tank blogger of I’m Tanking What?! should email a blog post about Druid Tanks, Tanking in Patch 3.1.1, or Tanking in general to:


If you’re good enough, I will load your post on this site for all of the most intelligent and good looking blog readers to see–you know, ITW?! readers.  After a day in the sun, entries will be put on a special page on this blog so that our readers can easily peruse the supplicants and vote for their favorite.

The Druid Tank with the most votes will become:
TheirNameHere – Druid Tank

The Rules
All submissions must conform to the following:

  • Written in Microsoft Word
    • (any version)
  • Sent as attachment in email
  • In email Subject line type:
    Druid Tank Contest – YourDruidTankNameHere

    • (if you put that verbatim, I will delete you for stupidity)
  • 400 – 1000 words
    • (So we can get a good feel for your style)
  • Spell and grammar checked
    • (unless intentional for tone of post)
  • Include a screenshot–headshot–of your Druid Tank toon
  • Your Druid Tank name and server
  • Your real name
    • (for my eyes only)
  • In the email body, tell me a bit about yourself, your blogging/writing background, and why you’d like to join our ranks
  • Finally, even if you already have a Druid/Druid Tank/Tank blog, it is perfectly OKAY to submit/become the Druid Tank here
    • That is, it’s okay if you’re cool with producing two sets of non-duplicate content

Good luck!

The Editor


3 Responses to Druid Tank – Guest Post Contest!

  1. Kudos says:

    interesting idea… but you should really be carefull that P.E.T.T.A. doesn’t get wind of this, I hear they frown on using animals in death-matches.

    Will there be betting on site, or should I call my bookie 🙂

  2. Surazc says:


    *pulls out the death ray*

    Where the hell is my guide on how to tank effectively! STOP HOLDING MY LITERARY GENIUS HOSTAGE!

  3. MMObay.net says:

    I’m interested in purchasing a text link or a blog post about our site on your page. Please let me know what you would charge for each.

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