Who are The Tanks?

In World of Warcraft, you find yourself spending a lot of time with many different types of people.  Some you like, some you don’t.  Some you admire, and some are just plain dumb.  Regardless, those countless hours are spent in battle, in a struggle to overcome any hurdle, any opposition.  After a while, you come to know people really well… as well as you can from miles and miles away.  Almost every time you log in, you communicate with fellow players, your guild members, and most of the time you learn something.

I’m Tanking What?! is a blog born of such communication, but concentrates on the discussions that happen between Tanks.  While Tanking in general is a huge subject to cover, we realized that within it, there are at least 3 more specific conversations that could occur: Tanking Warriors, Paladins, and Druids.  The three of us are in the same guild and have spent a lot of time fighting at each other’s side.  We realized that while we could easily talk about Tanking in general, our class specific styles were foreign to the others.

So that’s the idea behind, I’m Tanking What?!; Three Tanks to talk about Tanking — and a Warrior, Paladin, and Druid to give their particular and unique viewpoints.

So now we have a DeathKnight Tank, and we’re working on the Druid Tank…  just give us some time.

Shield Slams and Shockwaves and Bashes, Oh My!

TGAPGeorge sez, "Shield Slams and Shockwaves and Bashes, Oh My!"

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

Christmas of ’08 marked a year since I first played World of Warcraft. I spent 8 months as a priest healer and that was fine. I raided with her, clicked on health bars for a few months, and that was fine too.

The refer-a-friend program made it necessary to always have a toon within 4 levels of my friend, so when she hit lvl 20 I started using BumpySpleen, the warrior I had rolled months before. Something happened that I can’t explain: WoW became so much more fun when I played as a Tank. I got us both up to lvl 70 and a few weeks later, WOTLK arrived.

In the past few months I’ve read countless blogs and articles about Tanking, run almost all of the instances, and have had a great time. I may not have that much experience relative to other Tanks, but I know my stuff.

TGAPHaney sez,

Lagom sez, "I'll consecrate your ass!"

Lagom – Paladin Tank

A good friend of mine introduced me to the game and I have been hooked ever since. Today marks my second full year of World of Warcraft (January 29, 2006 first day). My first and main character is my Paladin, Lagom. As I was learning what I was doing and leveling to 70 (now 80) I chose to play a retribution paladin.

I didn’t switch to being protection spec till I joined my current guild about a year ago. Our guild needed another tank. I figured why not …I wasn’t married to being retribution (although it is fun for PVP and much faster to level that way). I was a mess when I first started tanking as a paladin. However, from reading the websites, messing around and having conversations with others it all fell into place for me.

LOVE IT! Paladin tanks rock I don’t care what anyone says (all tanks rock in general I’m just partial to the pally 😀 ). One of the great things about this game is the evolution of not only your character, but also oneself as a player. There is really a lot to learn and always something you can do to tweak or improve. My intentions here are to share what I have learned and learn from others. Don’t hold back either, we got thick plate!

Surazc – Death Knight Tank

I started playing WoW as a Hunter named Iyalmeri on the Warsong server. I’ve always been a bit of a ranger, I played one in EQ, I played a Hunter in EQ2, I played a Carbineer / Rifleman in SWG before switching to a Jedi, so I figured why not?

A while after I started playing WoW, all my friends left the game which put me in an odd position. I too quit and didn’t pick WoW back up until another batch of my friends began to play. This time, we played on the Mug’Thol server and I began anew as a warlock. Instantly I was in love with the class. Unlike hunters, we didn’t have any confusing pet mechanics to deal with and I didn’t have to buy ammo. I got my ammo from killing things. Rock on.

It wasn’t until Czarus began to raid that I got the first inclinations that I might be a tank. I would call out adds that spawned in bad places, defend the healers, keep optimal position, and generally yell at people that didn’t do what they were supposed to do. It was also this point in time that I learned I would be a raid leader.

Right before Wrath of the Lich King came out I quit playing WoW because I was frustrated with the PvP balance that existed in the game. Warlocks were torn apart by almost every class (again) with the exception of druids and priests. I felt outclassed and abandoned the WoW ship. When DKs were announced I knew I would have to get the expansion and level one up. He would wear plate and become my main. No more would I be frustrated with Rogues! Wearing plate, I wouldn’t take so much damage.

I had been raiding with a guild called The Ravens before Wrath launched mainly because my friend Michael was part of the guild, but also because they were laid back. I had just come from a “hardcore” guild “Month’s Behind” (v 1.0) and gotten kicked because I corrected a class leader on a mistake. So much for that, I guess.

Now that Surazc, the Death Knight, is level 80 he’s been tanking heroics and even stepped up to the plate as MT for Sarth 1,2, and 3, along with Kel’Thuzad and Malygos. As a warlock I optimized DPS through careful analysis and as a tank I do the same thing. I also will be leading my own Naxxramas raids as part of the guild Tainted Retribution in preparation for the Ulduar instance and the progression content that awaits.

I spend my RL time working as an accounting analyst for the Kansas City Southern Railroad company, though I wish I could be a Barista and an Author once more.

? – Druid Tank


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  1. Macnerd says:

    LOL was funny found this from WoW Insider, noticed the names and said “Hey, wait, that’s one of my guildies!” lol.

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