UI Target Debuffs – Reader Question Answered

June 17, 2009

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

I got an interesting question on the post, My New Warrior Tanking UI.  Feroby wrote:

“If you target or your target of target has debuffs they will pop out of the skinner bar won’t they? it will make it a lot less clean right?”

If I understand you right, Feroby, my answer is no, skinner won’t pop out the debuffs.  I suppose you can get it to do that somehow, but the way I have it, the target’s debuffs are large and right underneath the target info–and their buffs as smaller icons under the debuffs.  Here’s a pic to show you what I mean:

Skinner Debuff Placement

As you can see for the Target of Target, only debuffs will be shown.

I hope this explains it better.  If not, comment to this post and we’ll try again!


My New Warrior Tanking UI

March 7, 2009

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

I’ve been fascinated with addons ever since my little brother showed me how to load up a much better map interface. And now, about a year later, I took a day or two off from playing World of Warcraft to update my addons and User Interface. Well, update isn’t the right word. It was more like blasting away and rebuilding from scratch. At least, it was supposed to be.

I was tired of lag and slow loading screens, and I even thought about deleting and reloading WoW. But then I looked line by line at my addons and saw that I needed most of them. So I deleted what I didn’t need and started surfin’ the net.

After a long time, I pieced together a mosic of the UI I wanted from about ten screenshots of other people’s UIs. My goals were simple and tanking minded. I wanted to:

  • Have a clear field of view up, down, left, and right to spot trouble coming.
  • Have Omen, my target, its debuffs — and a cool addon, “TellMeWhen” — center-screen for maximum visibility.
  • Have my spells in clear-view, organized, and laid out like how they are on my G13 controller.

That may seem like a simple list, but it’s undoable without addon help. Here is what I came up with:


Pretty nice, eh?

I decided to leave my buffs up in the upper left hand corner because they would take up too much real estate down below and not be too distracting above. You can’t see it in the pic, but the party and raid will be in the upper right, but smaller than usual; left there for the same reasons as the buffs.

In the middle is TellMeWhen with Omen right below. Just to the right is my target. It’s obvious, and any buffs I have on him will be larger than other player’s. The minimap is far off to the right out of the way, and the same for chat and other non-combat buttons on the left. My player window is below and obvious, but doesn’t block my eye path.g13

My reasoning for all this careful placement is that when I’m fighting, quick looks down need to see target and threat first, reactive spells and abilities next, spells and cooldowns after, and finally my health and rage. I think I’ve got it set up to do that.

A word on spells and my organization. Take a look at the button layout of my awesome G13 Logitech controller:

You’ll notice that I’ve got my action buttons set at two rows of seven, an “alt” row of seven, and a “shift” row of seven. Closer to the minimap on the right hand side is three rows of four buttons to match the third row on my controller (I use the fifth button on the left for tab targeting). It’s a lot of buttons and a lot to keep track of, but since they are arranged like my controller, a glance down helps me hit the right button.

So, TGAPGeorge, how do you do all of these wonderful things? I’ll tell ya. Addons. Take a look at these two screenshots showing what addons were used to do what:

In Combat

Out of Combat

Here is a list of the addons that contributed to this UI awesomeness:

Even if you load up all these addons, your UI won’t magically look like mine. It will be jumbled and crazy. But with patience, you can move, resize, and adjust it all to look just like you want it to. Don’t forget to look at the options!

Addons can be finicky, so if you have any quesitons or problems working with these, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do to help!


WoW Paladin Tank Add-ons

February 13, 2009

Lagom – Paladin Tank

It’s short and sweet, but here are the three add-ons I use for Tanking:

  • First my favorite is the best marking add-on ever! Quickmarks
  • Next everyone’s raiding favorite (I think), Omen
  • And finally Deadly Boss Mods, although honestly I haven’t been to happy with DBM since Wrath.

That’s all folks! Those are the only add-ons I use for tanking, and I still manage to do my job. Stats and gear I pretty much figure out on my own by using them and looking at the numbers while playing to see what I prefer — and because I Keep All My Gear!

Other Add-Ons that I use for the game (not tanking specific) that I like are:

  • WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)
  • Cartographer (New game map with extra features)

Chicka Chicka

Great WoW AddOns for Tanks

December 28, 2008

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

Add-Ons are what make WOW exceptional. Without them, it would be so much more difficult to do the voodoo we do so well.  I like to find and test addons, so I posted my results at TankSpot.

Now here are my favorite tank addons again for youse guys:

TellMeWhen – a great custom alert system. When abilities are usable or cooldowns are up, a scalable icon of the spell pops up wherever you like.

ZThreatMeter – A much better threat meter than Omen. It tells you threat immediately and you can be the only person who has it. (Omen only shows the threat of other people who have Omen)
[Update – As pointed out — thanks Namthe — since 3.0.2, Omen has got it’s act together. It now works even if no one else has it. For me, ZThreatMeter has gone the way of the Dodo.]

TankPoints – A MUST HAVE. TP does all the math on gear for you, i.e. which is better for a tank, 15 strength or 10 AP or whatever. More points are better than less for your tank. Shows up in your tooltip.

RatingBuster – Another great item comparison tool. Puts the actual increases (or decreases) of stats in the tooltip helping you understand better what the gear will do for you.

Aloft – This one is all about threat and enemy nameplates. Aloft puts a colored border around the nameplates of your enemies and changes color based on how much threat you have on them. Great for AOE fights.

EasyRage – Small addon that puts a number wherever you like that reflects your rage. Somewhat useful.

ItemRack – and excellent and intuitive gear switcher. I have a tank set and a dps set and can easily switch between both. My mounted set works seamlessly with both as well.

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text – Separates incoming, outgoing, and reactive events and allows you to put the combat text wherever you like. Good alert system for cooldowns and abilities as well.

SimpleRaidTargetIcons – A must have for the Tank raider. Simply double-left click on an enemy and choose their icon. Quick and easy.

StanceSets – Great weapon switcher. Nuff said.

tekKompare – Always compares what you’re wearing with what you’re looking at. No more shift key!

UrbinRange – An absolute necessity for my Charge. Inch-long bar turns blue when I can charge or shoot. Can be put anywhere.

MoveAnything – Put anything anywhere. I’ve got my characer, target, ToT, focus, etc. arranged below my Tank for easier viewing. Works good for me!

You can get most of these at curse.com, but I’ve found the most current versions are at wowinterface.com. Every time I found a need, I went and found an addon to help me out. Of course, there may be better addons out there — or some needs I haven’t come across yet — so if you have any addon tips, please let me know.

[UPDATE – I’ve been told about WoW Matrix and it’s awesome! It’s the best addon manager I’ve seen yet.  I highly recommend it.]

Happy Tanking!