Aspiring Warrior Tanks Wanna Know

January 26, 2009

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

Tanking stats; they tell us where we need to be to do what we gotta do.   A few months ago I scoured the net looking for an answer to a simple question:

“What are the minimum stats I need to have?”

The answers were suprisingly difficult to find — and never found all in one place.  TankSpot, TankingTips, and ElitistJerks helped a great deal, but I still found a lot of things like, “Have 102.4% avoidance,” but never an explanation on what that meant.  More importantly, when I looked at my character, often the numbers didn’t match.  (For example, have 214 expertise. In-game, the character sheet says 25.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in awe of the work done to figure all this out.  It’s just I wish I had found a list that clearly, plainly, and simply suggested the accepted stat goals.  Heh, like the one I did here.

So for the inquisitive Warrior Tank, here are your minimums.

For Heroics:

  • Defense      535  (To be uncrittable)
  • Health        20k
  • Armor        20k
  • Expertise    25  (To remove Boss parries)

For Naxx:

  • Defense      540 (To be uncrittable, but more is better)
  • Health        25k
  • Armor        23k
  • Strength    820
  • Dodge        20%
  • Parry        16%
  • Block        19%
  • Expertise    25**
  • Hit    **

**Now, you have a choice between going for either of these

  • Expertise    57  (To remove Boss parries and dodges)
  • Hit     265  (So you don’t, uh… miss)

There’s a choice because I can’t figure out how to get both, even with gems and enchants.  If anyone knows an equipment/gems/enchants combination that will do it, please let me know!

I am not the authority on this, these are just the answers I found to my stat questions.  For more detailed info, well, visit the links above.

Now go get ’em!