Rest In Peace Citadel

February 19, 2009

Lagom – Paladin Tank

On February 15th, 2009, the guild Citadel – Dunemaul – dismantled.

citadel_logoCitadel’s reputation was a guild filled with “misfits” and the like.  Well, I never considered myself a “reject” or “neglected,” just a dang good paladin tank.  Although the more I think about it, Citadel was a big part of my Paladin evolving and “maturing”… but it’s good to know that’s why I was invited to the guild.  😛

I would like to start off by expressing a thought I have about World of Warcraft.  To me, it is a game that allows anyone to enjoy what one puts into it.  A player may PvP and/or PvE, and regardless of being in a guild or not, it is what you make of it.  A guild (again in my opinion) may or may not enhance one’s game experience.  A guild may or may not make it easier to do what one is looking to accomplish.  One may achieve the things the game provides with or without a guild ….period!

Here is what I think people didn’t get about citadel and maybe this is the reason it ended up dismantling.  Maybe I am right on, maybe I’m way off base, or maybe this is some thought provoking revelation.   Citadel (from what I’ve been told) started off as a small group of players who had developed a bond through a passion for the adventures, but also from friendship. 

The guild’s evolution was based on this core.  During the process, the guild was never really “defined.”  It was a guild where “mature” gamers could not only play the game together, but also have evolving relationships.

I belonged to Citadel because I enjoyed the people — not to level, not to raid, not to PvP.  All of those aspects were fun to do with my guild mates and friends, but I could do those adventures either way.  I developed many friendships from being a part of this amazing group of people.  I learned many things and had many great conversations.

Although those relationships hopefully will not diminish, unfortunately Citadel has.  I think the reason for the dismantling is not that Citadel was made of “rejects” and “misfits” but that people lost sight of what Citadel had evolved into.   It was a one of a kind guild that will never be again.

Thank you Crimsonheart for letting me be a part of it.  /sigh.

Citadel RIP