Advice for Paladin Tanks: Keep Your Gear

January 29, 2009

Lagom – Paladin Tank

In the beginning, I realized quickly that a paladin tank has a bit more to think about over the warrior tank: Spell Damage!  All the stats and considerations for a Warrior Tank hold true for a Paladin Tank.  However, now throw in some intellect, mana regeneration, spell damage and spell hit with all that dodge, parry, block, stamina, armor, strength, hit rating, expertise and BOOM there you go.  As you can imagine it’s difficult to get it all where you want it to be right away.

Paladins primarily build threat with their spell damage abilities, but still need all the mitigation stats to avoid being crushable and critable.  Entry level gear (keep this stuff too!) is pretty much equal across the board for warrior, paladin and even death knights (droods are a whole other story….awesome btw).  It is when you grow out of the entry level stuff and start the end game pve content where you either stand out…or respec for healing :/ rofl rofl!

My one piece of advice: Keep every Tanking item you get!

My biggest mistake was that every time I thought I got an upgrade I trashed my old gear.  Then I would get another upgrade, but now that piece of gear I trashed worked well with my new piece of gear.  So now I had to go get that piece again or wait for another piece that worked.  Of course I didn’t realize this immediately.  It was late in my WoW career before it hit me.  So for you newer tanks or even veteran tanks who aren’t doing this… KEEP ALL YOUR GEAR!

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Tanking Warrior WOTLK Reputation Gear

December 16, 2008

TGAPGeorge – Warrior Tank

In the World of Warcraft I am a Human, Warrior, Tank named BumpySpleen. I’m enjoying the expansion, tanking, my guild, and my epic griffin.

Anyway, I did a little research a few weeks ago and decided to help out my fellow tanks by posting it at TankSpot. Here’s what I wrote:

I was pretty excited last night. I was just a few quests away from becoming revered with the Valiance Expedition and getting that sweet shield reward.

The moment happend. I was enveloped in the green flash of rep achievement and I flew off to Valiance Keep. To my dismay, I discovered I was wrong about a couple of things.

First, I realized that the rep rewards were for the Alliance Vanguard, not the Valiance Expedition. Dang.
Then I realized that the shield could only be used by level 78s and I am but a paltry 73. Double Dang.

Well, okay, so I was hoping to jump ahead — gear-wise — and got the hope-smackdown. I really should take the time to read sometimes. Oh well, WOW goes on.

Well that got me thinking, what rep rewards should I be looking for to be pre-geared for raiding when I hit lvl 80?

Here’s my rep-rewards for tanking gear list:

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